• Rosebox with 30 roses (Francesco)

    29 .700 Ft
  • Mesebeli harmónia (kis fa, ajtókopogtató és asztaldísz)

    35 .000 Ft
  • Arany csónak karácsonyi asztaldísz

    13 .000 Ft
  • Pirosas ajtókopogtató

    12 .000 Ft
  • Téli hangulat ajtóra

    12 .000 Ft
  • Karácsonyi kopogtató

    14 .000 Ft
  • Adventi koszorú

    16 .000 Ft
  • Csónak tálban adventi dísz

    13 .000 Ft
  • Kopogtató és adventi koszorú páros

    28 .000 Ft
  • Orhidea kapsóval

    10 .500 Ft
  • Orhidea (phalaenopsis)

    8 .500 Ft
  • Lágy elegancia

    9 .500 Ft

About us

“Bringing flowers closer to everyone, to be part of our everyday lives.” This is the motto of Ms. Andrea Csepreghy, founder and owner of Endorphine Flowers, whose bouquets, flower decorations, premium products are born from the commitment to plants and beauty, as well as to high quality.

Creativity, clean style and latest trends come to life in the Endorphine bouquets –  reasonable pricing make bouquets be part of our everyday lives, as well as it represents credibility, one of the trademarks of Endorphine Flowers.

Entering the Endorphine flower shop, scents of fresh flowers and the magic of true homecoming welcome – and a sophisticated, home style atmosphere, friendly smile and fine coffee offered while waiting for the perfect arrangements.

Endorphine is a place in the heart of Downtown Budapest, where you can only return, where everything is about personalization, about you and about the one who you want to find the perfect gift for. Bouquets, plants and flower decorations are all made by master florists, lead by Mr. Tibor Bien – the work of each member of the team reflects the enthusiasm for plants, for the beauty of nature, so that all Endorphine bouquets carry a great amount of happiness hormones and all the miracles, that you need for the day.

The philosophy of Endorphine Flowers is also in the discount for families with children, that encourages them to visit the shop where they can freely touch and smell the flowers. With this approach, Ms. Andrea Csepreghy wants to reach even the smallest ones to be engaged to flowers.

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